Altro WhiteRock
Altro Whiterock

Altro Whiterock

The Altro Whiterock wall cladding system is a decorative, practical and durable PVCu hygienic covering for internal walls that can be used anywhere. Installed by our experts, it is backed by Altro’s 10 year product warranty

Altro Whiterock has proven its value time and time again in a wide range of environments.
Showers and kitchens, where ceramic tiles are traditionally the covering of choice, benefit in particular from the watertight, seamless, wipe clean surface that the system provides.. These areas can be problematic when it comes to meeting modern hygiene requirements where cracked and grouted areas often harbour harmful bacteria.

Unlike ceramic tiles, Whiterock is a wall cladding with no gaps, cracks or grout. It has a smooth, wipe-clean surface on which bacteria find it practically impossible to live and its excellent impact resistance helps keep it that way.


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