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Alan Parker (Flooring) aims to minimise it's effect on the environment as far as possible. All cardboard, paper and aluminium and metal waste is recycled. The Company also seeks to recycle, where possible, any flooring which can be cleaned and reused, by supplying them to specialist local companies.

Increasingly, companies and individuals are considering their impact on the environment when choosing flooring. If you wish to look at the "greener" alternatives available, here are a selection available at Alan Parker (Flooring) Ltd:

Linoleum is seen as one of the "greenest" options as this is is produced from renewable sources. The main components are include linseed oil which comes from flaxseeds, rosin (the key binding agent) comes from pine trees, jute and wood flour.
Linoleum can last around 25-40 years, and once it is removed, it can be burnt as fuel (where incinerators are present) or can be added to landfill to biodegrade without releasing toxins.
Our main supplier is Forbo (Marmoleum), who pride themselves on using ecologically responsible dyes and pigments in their flooring.

Carpet Tiles

These are seen to be an ecologically sound alternative to the carpet on a roll as if there is damage to specific areas, then the whole floor does not need to repaired, only the tiles which are damaged.
A range of our suppliers include Burmatex, Heckmondwike and InterfaceFLORS.

Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is seen as a very popular alternative to carpets.
Our main suppliers include Kahrs, who have FSC certification (Forest Stewardship Council). They endeavour to buy their tropical wood from forests who have either FSC certification or PEFC certification (Pan European Forest Certification) or from companies who can demonstrate their sustainability credentials.

Junckers pride themselves on being able to use 100% of the wood harvested, including many of the smaller part of timber. Junckers is also a partner of the PEFC and is working towards to ensuring all of its timber purchased meet their standards on sustainability.

Specialist Flooring

Amtico's Stratica collection is low in VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and is made of a non-PVC material. It is also chlorine free and was developed in the 1990's specifically to meet the demand for non-PVC tiles. Their range offers realistic alternatives to wood, granite and stone floorings.

Amtico's HT adhesive is low in VOCs, is waterbased and is classed as non hazardous.

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